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Rate Limits

The Salesloft API is protected by a rate limit. This rate limit applies on a team level and not on an integration level. For instance, your integration can consume no more than the rate limit per integrated team, but having multiple integrated teams won't cause one team to affect another's limit. It is possible for another integration to affect your rate limit, as rate limits are across the entire team.

The rate limit is done on a cost basis. Each endpoint has a default cost of 1, and this cost can be changed dynamically based on provided documentation of how that endpoint works. Salesloft is able to change the cost for an existing endpoint at any time, as the functionality doesn't become deprecated from a cost change.

The current rate limit is 600 cost per minute. This rate limit can be adjusted by Salesloft on a customer-wide basis, or on a per-team basis. Teams which are exceeding their rate limit due to a large number of integrations should contact

Parameter Based Rate Limits

In order to ensure a consistent and efficient performance for all customers, additional rate limiting costs will be applied to requests that include a page parameter referencing an index greater than 100:

Page #     Total Cost

501+: 30 points
251-500: 10 points
151-250: 8 points
101-150: 3 points

For specific use cases, there may be a valid reason to request high page numbers, but we've found that most customers find success using a cursor poller based on the updated_at field. Additional information can be found in the Building an Efficient Cursor Poller guide.

These costs are subject to change in order to optimize performance for our customers. Any updates to costs will be posted here.

Rate Limit Response Headers

In order to convey the cost of subsequent requests, the following response headers are added to each response:

  • x-ratelimit-endpoint-cost - The cost of the request that was executed
  • x-ratelimit-remaining-minute - Remaining available requests for the minute the request was made