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Text Editor

We at Salesloft want to consistently provide a good text editor experience for our customers. In order to do so, we have created a list of HTML5 elements and attributes that we support, and the ones we do not.

Invalid Elements

There are various HTML elements that we do not support and will explicitly remove to keep us and our customers safe from security risks. Any of the following elements will be sanitized out of our customer's emails automatically.

<applet>, <base>, <canvas>, <embed>, <head>, <iframe>, <meta>, <noscript>,
<noembed>, <object>, <param>, <script>, <style>

Valid Elements

Most HTML5 elements and attributes are OK to use, and we welcome you using them in order for you to optimize your sales process. Below is a list of all of the HTML5 elements we support along with their corresponding attributes. Please note that if the attribute is listed as supported for one element and not another, the attribute is only supported for that particular element.

Note: We allow more elements and attributes than are supported by email clients. You should ensure that any elements you use are supported by email clients. We will not convert or remove invalid email elements.

Shared Attributes

These attributes are shared among ALL of the elements we support.

"id", "accesskey", "class", "dir", "lang", "style", "contenteditable", "contextmenu"
"draggable", "dropzone", "hidden", "role", "spellcheck", "tabindex", "title", "translate"

Elements / Attributes

The list you see below is the entire list of elements and attributes we allow and support. For brevity's sake, we are not listing all the Shared Attributes (listed above) in this list. Rest assured that all Shared Attributes apply to ALL the elements below. All elements are noted by the characters < and >, and all attributes will be in quotes, e.g., <body> is the element and underneath is all the attributes supported.

"class", "dir"

Elements that support only the Shared Attributes:

<acronym>, <big>, <strike>, <tt>, <center>, <title>, <dd>, <dt>, <address>, <dfn>, <cite>, <s>, <small>, <strong>, <em>, <legend>, <span>, <bdo>, <u>, <b>, <i>, <sup>, <sub>, <kbd>, <samp>, <var>, <code>, <abbr>, <p>, <h6>, <h5>, <h4>, <h3>, <h2>, <h1>, <wbr>, <ruby>, <figcaption>, <bdi>, <summary>, <rp>, <rt>, <mark>, <picture>, <datalist>, <footer>, <header>, <main>, <aside>, <nav>, <section>, <article>, <hgroup>, <figure>

Elements that support the Shared Attributes and have additional supported attributes:

"size", "color", "face"

"size", "color", "face"






"noshade", "size", "width"

"href", "rel", "media", "hreflang", "type", "sizes", "crossorigin"

"onafterprint", "onbeforeprint", "onbeforeunload", "onblur", "onerror", "onfocus", "onhashchange", "onload", "onmessage", "onoffline", "ononline", "onpagehide", "onpageshow","onpopstate", "onresize", "onscroll", "onstorage", "onunload", "background", "bgcolor", "text", "link", "vlink", "alink"





"reversed", "start", "type", "compact"

"type", "compact"

"value", "type"


"href", "target", "rel", "media", "hreflang", "type", "name", "download", "value", "data-sl-tracked"



"cite", "datetime"

"src", "sizes", "srcset", "alt", "usemap", "ismap", "width", "height", "align", "border", "hspace", "vspace", "crossorigin", "data-surl"


"alt", "coords", "shape", "href", "target", "rel", "media", "hreflang", "type"

"border", "summary", "width", "frame", "rules", "cellspacing", "cellpadding", "align", "bgcolor"

"span", "width", "align", "char", "charoff", "valign"

"span", "width", "align", "char", "charoff", "valign"

"align", "char", "charoff", "valign"

"align", "char", "charoff", "valign"

"align", "char", "charoff", "valign"

"align", "char", "charoff", "valign", "bgcolor"

"colspan", "rowspan", "headers", "align", "char", "charoff", "valign", "nowrap", "bgcolor", "width", "height"

"colspan", "rowspan", "headers", "scope", "abbr", "axis", "align", "char", "charoff", "valign", "nowrap", "bgcolor", "width", "height"

"accept-charset", "action", "autocomplete", "enctype", "method", "name", "novalidate", "target", "accept"

"disabled", "form", "name"

"form", "for"

"accept", "alt", "autocomplete", "checked", "dirname", "disabled", "form", "formaction","formenctype", "formmethod", "formnovalidate", "formtarget", "height", "list", "max", "maxlength", "min", "multiple", "name", "pattern", "readonly", "required", "size", "src", "step", "type", "value", "width", "usemap", "autofocus", "placeholder"

"disabled", "form", "formaction", "formenctype", "formmethod", "formnovalidate", "formtarget", "name", "type", "value", "autofocus"

"disabled", "form", "multiple", "name", "required", "size", "onchange", "autofocus"

"disabled", "label"

"disabled", "label", "selected", "value"

"cols", "dirname", "disabled", "form", "maxlength", "name", "readonly", "required", "rows","wrap", "autofocus", "placeholder"

"type", "label", "compact"

"src", "crossorigin", "poster", "preload", "autoplay", "mediagroup", "loop", "muted", "controls", "width", "height", "buffered"

"src", "crossorigin", "preload", "autoplay", "mediagroup", "loop", "muted", "controls", "buffered", "volume"

"src", "srcset", "type", "media", "sizes"

"kind", "src", "srclang", "label", "default"



"type", "label", "icon", "disabled", "checked", "radiogroup", "command"

"for", "form", "name"

"value", "max"

"value", "min", "max", "low", "high", "optimum"


"autofocus", "challenge", "disabled", "form", "keytype", "name"