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Fetch an account



Fetches an account, by ID only.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Account ID



    id integer

    ID of Account

    created_at date-time

    Datetime of when the Account was created

    updated_at date-time

    Datetime of when the Account was last updated

    archived_at date-time

    Datetime of when the Account was archived, if archived

    name string

    Account Full Name

    domain string

    Website domain, not a fully qualified URI

    conversational_name string

    Conversational name of the Account

    description string


    phone string

    Phone number without formatting

    website string


    linkedin_url string

    Full LinkedIn url

    twitter_handle string

    Twitter handle, with @

    street string

    Street name and number

    city string


    state string


    postal_code string

    Postal code

    country string


    locale string

    Time locale

    industry string


    company_type string

    Type of the Account's company

    founded string

    Date or year of founding

    revenue_range string

    Estimated revenue range

    size string

    Estimated number of people in employment

    crm_id string

    CRM ID

    crm_url string

    CRM url

    crm_object_type string

    CRM object type

    owner_crm_id string

    Mapped owner field from the CRM

    last_contacted_at date-time

    Datetime this Account was last contacted

    last_contacted_type string

    The type of the last touch to this Account. Can be call, email, other

    do_not_contact boolean

    Whether this company has opted out of communications. Do not contact someone at this company when this is set to true

    custom_fields object

    Custom fields are defined by the user's team. Only fields with values are presented in the API.

    user_relationships object

    Filters by accounts matching all given user relationship fields, _is_null or _unmapped can be passed to filter accounts with null or unmapped user relationship values

    tags string[]

    All tags applied to this Account

    counts object
    people integer

    Number of people in SalesLoft associated with this Account

    owner object

    User that is marked as the owner of this Account

    id integer
    _href string
    creator object

    User that created this Account

    id integer
    _href string
    last_contacted_by object

    User that last contacted this Account

    id integer
    _href string
    last_contacted_person object

    Person who was last contacted at this Account

    id integer
    _href string
    company_stage object

    Company Stage that this Account has set. This is referred to as Account Stage in other parts of the API. When sorting by account_stage, the company stage's order is used

    id integer
    _href string
    account_tier object

    Account Tier that this Account has set

    id integer
    _href string